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24/7 Mission
Go Green
Our Signia series represents the IT industry standard in terms of its style, modular construction and proven
workability. Each module is a single workstation with ‘lockable’ compartments for CPU’s, a ‘slatwall’ rear
partition for mounting flat screen monitors and other peripherals. Signia is easily configurable into multiple
rows side by side, back-to-back, and arched. In addition, Signia readily lends itself to customization for
specialized applications and is highly adaptable to modification to achieve any desired layout.
The look, the feel, the performance of unmistakable quality


• Network Operation Centers (NOC)
• Command Centers
• Dispatch Facilities
• Air Traffic Control (ATC)
• Security Operation Centers
• Emergency Operation Centers
• Process Control
• Trading Desks
• Intelligent Transportation
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
• Utility Transmission and Distribution

• Sturdy slatwall mounting system
• Slatwall choice of black or silver
• Modular Construction allows easy reconfigurations and upgrades
• Wide choice of finishes
• Durable for 24/7/365 use
• Multiple counter edge design and finish options