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Steel Superstructure

Forecast Consoles is well known for the beauty and elegance of its technical
furniture. Now the Design Engineers at Forecast have created a whole new
level of beauty that lies below the surface – MASTERail™, a patented
technology used in the technical furniture sold exclusively by Forecast and
its Authorized Resellers. MASTERail™ technology is truly dynamic. It offers
flexibility in console design & usability never before enjoyed by the
multimedia professional.

With MASTERail™ technology it is now possible to easily grow & modify
your console as your multimedia toolsets change. No more "temporary
fixes"! No more "patchwork"! No more "work-arounds"! When your
technical furniture no longer meets your present day needs, MASTERail™
technology provides for a seamless, cost effective, super-fast transition.

The concept behind MASTERail™ technology is the use of pre-engineered
components to provide a superstructure or foundation for an infinite
number of potential configurations and layouts. A variety of finished
materials (skins) can then be applied to the framework, to achieve any
desired look or style. You get the "custom look without the custom price".

All MASTERail™ components are designed with precise, aircraft tolerances,
allowing for fast, error-proof assembly. The base support frames can be
used individually as legs or rack equipment bays. They can be
strategically spaced, eliminating the need (and cost) for full bases.
"Pay only for what you need, only when you need it".