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24/7 Mission
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MASTERail™ Flexibility

Discover the ultimate flexibility of MASTERail™

Broadcast Television & Radio facilities:
Studio & Production Control room (SCR/PCR), Master Control Room (MCR), Master Operation Control (MOC), Network Operations (NETOP), Lighting Director, Live Feed, Flash Cam, and Character Generation (CG), Video Control Room (VCR), Audio Control Room (ACR), Satellite Operations (SATOP), Ingest, Quality Control (QC), Robotics, On Air Control (OAC), Talk Studios, Supervisors Stations, and Producer's and Client Consoles.

Post Production:
Non-Linear Editing (NLE), Graphics Workstations, Desktop Editing, Color Correction, Video Transfer, Duplication and Audio Sweetening.

Security & Surveillance:
911 Call Centers, Fire/Police Dispatch, Reception/Front Entrance Supervisor, Guard Stations.