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Forecast Consoles developed and patented MASTERail™ technology to create the most dynamic technical furniture system available anywhere. MASTERail™ consoles can be configured in an infinite number of design-layouts and finished using a wide variety of innovative new materials to achieve an elegant "custom look without the custom price".

MASTERail™ delivers ergonomically functional furniture with an emphasis on optimum workflow and aesthetics. Standard precision-machined parts purchased in quantity and in stock, result in substantial cost savings and incredibly fast delivery. Interchangeable, reconfigurable and upgradeable, these components provide the greatest value to your initial purchase and a welcomed alternative to costly modifications or frequent console replacement.

Features & Benefits:

  • Modular, interchangeable components for unlimited design flexibility
  • Precision engineered for precise dimensioning
  • Front and rear extrusions for mounting accessories
  • Strategic device placement options
  • Optimum site-line and reach
  • Super fast fabrication and installation