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24/7 Mission
Go Green

Commitment to a
Sustainable Environment

“Why worry about fixing the roof, It’s such a sunny day”!

Forecast Consoles, Inc. has always been committed to the concepts
of conservation and minimizing waste. In an effort to substantially
reduce our environment ‘footprint’, we examined & re-evaluated every
aspect of our business. As a result, we have achieved major accomplishments
in areas such as recycling, energy consumption, chemical & organic emissions, packaging
and workplace safety. Through strategic vendor/supplier relationships, we now select & purchase materials & products
that are environmentally responsible. We have engineered our products for optimized manufacturability & continued re-use.

“Working Together One Bay At A Time”

The Good News and the Better News!

Over the last few years Forecast has worked with New York State and Stony Brook University to develop a 'LEAN' manufacturing process. The 'Lean' philosophy is designed to eliminate mistakes & re-do's (waste) by maintaining a clean, safe, environmentally-friendly operation, with built-in quality checks at every level. Obviously, eliminating errors reduces wasted time and wasted material. This equates to increased productivity, which in turn produces better margin through reduced manufacturing costs. This translates into lower cost for our clients, as well as less depletion of natural resources!

MASTERail: Responsibly Manufactured, Environmentally Friendly!

For many years prior to 2000, entire consoles were routinely scrapped and replaced each time the '‘newest' equipment tool-sets were acquired by our clients. The majority of these consoles were in perfect condition, even new looking.
However, they were not designed to be easily modified and since they simply couldn't accommodate
the new equipment, they had to go. Where did they go? Most times theyended up in a land fill. To
some, this might have been viewed as “good for repeat business”, but we saw it as a lose/lose
scenario and so, we set out to find a remedy. Armed with over 20 years experience, we
re-thought, re-engineered and re-designed the way consoles are built. After almost 2 years
of R&D we introduced our patented MASTERail System at NAB 2002. This system uses
precision crafted, interchangeable and re-usable parts. In addition, the system can
‘morph’ and adapt for new tasks and new equipment without scrapping entire sections
of the console. MASTERail consoles can easily and inexpensively grow or shrink, turn
or curve. To be sure, there are imitators who’s consoles, on the surface, may look
similar to MASTERail and may have similar functionality, but they have missed the
bigger picture: Steel, aluminum, Polyethylene (which are the majority of our consoles
materials) are all recyclable. Except for certain countertop and custom sections, MASTERail
consoles are manufactured with recyclable materials. As perfectly stated by one of our clients:
“Once you buy a Forecast MASTERail console, you never throw it out; you just re-purpose it”.

“Re-use, Don’t Refuse”

We constantly evaluate the way we do business and consider our impact on the environment. Since our goal is reduce or eliminate waste wherever possible, most of our 'scraps' or 'cut-offs' are collected and sold to recycling companies. The proceeds help to mitigate the costs of collecting & separating. Cardboard, paper, wood pallets, post-consumer packaging and commercial chemicals we use can be easily identified & sorted. At Forecast, waste that can not be eliminated or recycled is disposed of properly in accordance with local, state and federal regulations to reduce the impact on our environment.

Knowing What’s Right and Doing the Right Thing!

At Forecast Consoles, we choose our vendors & suppliers very carefully. Beyond the obvious service and quality issues, our relationship is based on their understanding of our commitment to sustainability. Their willingness, to insure that whatever we purchase is considered from an environmental standpoint, weighs heavily in our decision process. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provide information regarding the properties of the particular substance, including: product stewardship, proper procedures for handling and safely working with a particular substance, physical data (melting point, boiling point, flash point, etc.), toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill handling procedures. A 'Chain of Custody' for lumber products refers to the document or paper-trail showing the origination, the harvesting, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of materials. This helps to prevent wood & wood products from being illegally harvested from shrinking 'Rain Forests' and other unmanaged, stressed regions, as well as, helps to ensure continuing resource renewal.

"We Can’t Hold Our Breath Indefinitely"

Protective coatings (finishing) enhance the appearance, increase the durability and extend the life-expectancy of furniture. However, harmful vapors and particles are often released into the atmosphere with traditional applications. 'Powder coating' is now considered an environmentally friendlier alternative. Forecast Consoles recognized this innovative green concept many years ago and immediately began using powder coating, whenever possible, in place of traditional paint products. Chemicals which are toxic & volatile organic compounds (VOC's) can emit offgasses that have been linked to many health issues.

"Every Journey Begins With a First Step, No Matter How Small"

Forecast Consoles Inc. will continually look for alternatives that make economic, social and
environmental sense. We will constantly test & implement more effective manufacturing
procedures. We will evaluate alternative materials & products as they are developed. We will
lessen our use and consumption of energy & resources required for operation of this
company. Forecast is committed to helping preserve our world for our children and all future